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MAHE, Manipal has established a lot of Centres with an aim to promote research & development in various fields.

Ever since the foundation in 1953, we have applied our research efforts to develop scientific knowledge with an emphasis
on interdisciplinary research and engagement with wider research community.

What Our Students Say

“Manipal is a mixture of urbanization set in a rural environment with a sprinkle of familiarity and a dash of adventure.”



“I had a wonderful time in Manipal, India. It's a beautiful place blessed with greenery. beaches, and waterfalls. The diversity and friendliness of people, cuisines, facilities, and the campus safety in this student town added up to make my experience wonderful. All together I learned to be independent, responsible, and understand how much the world has to offer. I believe that this will have a everlasting impact in my life ahead.”

Menna, Cairo


“Having myriads of culture from all over India, Manipal has wide range of cuisines which gave me the flavours of life.”

“From the hot cups of chai in the rain to long walks on pristine beaches, Manipal is a place where I found peace..”



“Manipal is the perfect blend of international standards with a down to earth attitude towards life. Here I experienced the joy of life.”

Suhwan Lim

South Korea

“The experience and opportunity of getting to know the Indian culture left me mesmerised and curious for more. Manipal is a place where I got to witness how different people from different parts of India live and think and I cherish each moment of the journey only to remain spellbound.”


“The beauty of my experience of working in Manipal and touring across India is something I fall short of words to explain. I found comfort in the student town of Manipal, amidst small streets and pouring rain with delicious Indian street food and of course the warm people! I shall preserve this time I spent on my exchange forever. Best memory: An unforgettable night in the capital city where I took a trip with fellow interns to see one of the Wonders of the world. ”

Maged Elbasion

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